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We have no time to stand and stare."

W.H. Davies

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Home Made Vex Programming Cable

I tried make a home made Vex programming cable so that I could program my Vex robot and I have succeeded. If you know how to program in C, all the software is available online for free. However, the cable to hook up your computer to the Vex microcontroller is not included in the starter kit. So I made my own and the fun can begin. For more...

Posted: 4/9/2007
NASA/VCU First Robotics Competition Pictures

NASA/VCU hosted one of the first regional competitions of the year. As a mentor, I was in the pits and had the opportunity to to take multiple pictures of all the various robots. Quite a variety of robot designs. For more...

Posted: 3/28/2007
Gar-Field High School Vex Scrimmage Pictures

Added new pictures from the Gar-Field High School Vex Scrimmage, which wa held back in January. I have pictrues of 15 different robots. For each one, there is an animated gif so you can see the various robots from all angles. Quite cool looking. For more...

Posted: 1/12/2007